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Desde Euroschool of English en A Coruña te ofrecemos la actualidad de nuestros cursos de inglés, junto con información útil de los exámenes de inglés y aprendizaje de la lengua.


Sing & Learn

17/04/2020 · Euroschool of English

Children are being very patient, working on the classes and homework their teachers send them and staying #athome. That's why today we bring to you some multimedia activities that we think are both popular and extremely useful. Check out our blog to learn everything about it!  #alonetogether

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B1 Preliminary

15/04/2020 · Euroschool of English

New on The Red Lobster! We've just published a post with useful information and new platforms available for those of you interested in taking (or reaching the target level for) the B1 Preliminary exam.  Go to our blog and check it out! #alonetogether

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Learning from home

13/04/2020 · Euroschool of English

Check our latest post for more information about the 'Cambridge en casa' website. It includes worksheets, multimedia lessons and many other activities for children to enjoy! All the information on our blog!  #stayhome #staysafe We're #alonetogether

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Improve your writing skills

10/04/2020 · Euroschool of English

Our new blog post will tell you all you need to know about how to improve your writing skills #athome, go check it out for detailed information or click here to be redirected to the 'Write and Improve' website. #alonetogether

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Happy (special) Easter!

08/04/2020 · Euroschool of English

A new post is up on our blog telling you all about keeping busy (while learning English) during this rather special Easter break. You can check this link and go to our blog for more information. Happy Easter! #alonetogether 

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Learn with us!

Comienza tu aprendizaje con Euroschool of English y descubre todas las oportunidades que te presenta el aprendizaje de la lengua inglesa.