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Alone together

01/04/2020 · Euroschool of English

Dear students,


We know these are difficult times for all of us. We have to, even though we may not want to, #stayathome and, as a consequence, we may feel that our life and our routines are gone.

That is why we have decided to help as much as we can. Throughout the next few weeks we are going to run a series of posts on our blog (The Red Lobster) and we will provide you with links and free resources on this news section so that all of our students are able to keep learning English. By doing this, we can still be with you, even from a distance.

Our aim is no other than to help you keep in touch with English and make your days go by a little bit faster until we can see each other again. We really hope we manage to do so.


We’ll be back soon! But in the meantime #stayathome #staysafe


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